Sharon Lewis is Plursona Bella - Hey, Pleased to Meet Yah.

I'm Sharon Lewis, a crafty artist and e-commerce entrepreneur that likes to use a camera and make stuff. I love capturing the beauty in all things and work to fund my coffee habit. 

I freelance as a photographer based in Denver Colorado. I love helping others embrace who they are by capturing aspects of their life they want to celebrate and passions they want to share with the world. I’m also a creative at heart. I have a background in art and design and absolutely enjoy all things art whether its sewing, crafting, painting etc. I would definitely consider myself a maker/creator. My work is visually versatile. Inspired by my fantasy photoshoots, I’ve created a store of accessories and apparel that speaks to your creative muses. My charm chain creations are my newest obsession and I can't stop! Whether you are looking for something unique for an edc concert, rave festival, photoshoot or other creative adventure, I hope you find something that brings you so much joy.